A doctor of your very own.

For the past five years, Sherpaa’s doctors have been making healthcare extraordinary for employees of the world’s most innovative companies. Now, they can do the same for you, too.

Sherpaa is simple. We’re an online medical practice you can reach anytime and anywhere. Our service is as convenient as email, contained privately and securely within our app. Just subscribe, switch on our app and message with Sherpaa’s doctors. We'll diagnose, order tests, prescribe, treat, refer if we need to, and follow up until you’re all better. It's healthcare as it should be.

Think Sherpaa first

70% of health issues are treated online.

We aim to keep you out of doctor’s offices as much as possible. Whether you have a seasonal illness, an injury, or a chronic condition, we’ll do everything we can to effectively solve your problem.

30% are referred to hand-picked, in-network, specialists or facilities.

We've built a network of amazing specialists over the years that we constantly improve with your feedback.

100% peace of mind.

With 24/7 access to our Sherpaa Doctors, you’ll never have to worry about finding your way through a messy, complicated healthcare system again.

Sherpaa in action

Ready to sign up?

Sherpaa + your insurance plan = the perfect match

Our doctors know your insurance plan is far from perfect — and that you probably pay your first few thousand healthcare dollars out of your own pocket. But never fear! Sherpaa ensures you only spend your money and use your insurance when an in-person visit is absolutely the best solution for you. Because an unnecessary $4,000 ER visit can be the difference between going on vacation this year...or not.

Use Sherpaa for:

  • Peace of mind with 24/7 access to our doctors
  • Treatment of over 500 illnesses, injuries, and chronic health issues
  • Finally tackling that health issue that’s been nagging you forever
  • Prescriptions and easy refills without paying a co-pay
  • Hand-picked in-network referrals (when doctor visits are necessary)
  • Your health questions answered by talented, caring doctors. See what you can ask.

We don’t prescribe controlled substances.

You have to see a specialist for that.


Sherpaa membership costs $40 monthly, and you can contact our doctors as often as needed >

(Pricing does not include in-person specialist visits, labs, or tests)

Only one avoided $5,000 ER visit pays for over 10 years of unlimited Sherpaa care.

(65% of ER visits aren’t emergencies. And the average out-of-pocket limit for individuals in 2016 is $6,850.)

Word on the street


Just a few press pieces about Sherpaa:


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Who are your doctors?

Our doctors are experienced, well-trained, academic clinicians who work exclusively for Sherpaa. We selected them because their resumes are impeccable, but also because they are kind, caring, and believe healthcare should be more accessible and work better for you. Their mission is to make healthcare exceptional.

How can Sherpaa doctors do so much without seeing me in person?

Our doctors know that 80% of a diagnosis is about asking the right questions to get a detailed history of you and your situation. Then, you confirm suspicions with tests. Sometimes those tests are imaging or blood work and sometimes they’re physical exams. We often order blood work or imaging, share those results with you inside our app, and start treatment. However, sometimes a physical exam is the best test and we’ll refer you to be seen in person. But no matter what, the best care involves careful follow-up, frequent updates, and confirmation that you’re getting better.

Are there additional costs to use Sherpaa after I join?

No. After you become a member, you can communicate and solve problems with our doctors all you want. We believe healthcare should be good, ongoing communication, not a 12 minute transaction. Solving real problems takes time and close communication.

How do I communicate with Sherpaa doctors?

You create a new "concern” within the Sherpaa app and tell us about your symptoms and the backstory. Thereafter, we’ll use email-like messaging, photos, phone, or video — whatever is best suited to tackle your problem. Some cases might take 10 minutes and others 10 months. We work alongside you throughout, until you’re healthy again.
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