Meet the founder: Jay Parkinson, MD, MPH

I trained as a pediatrician and preventive medicine and public health specialist at Johns Hopkins. Since starting my medical career 18 years ago, I’ve given my all to redesigning healthcare to work better for you. In many ways, Sherpaa is a throwback to the days we had our own doctors for many years. But we’re a mobile society now. We move cities, change jobs, change insurance companies, and travel. And doctors do the same. Sherpaa gives you a consistent home so you can have all your records in one place and work with the same doctors for years on end no matter where life takes you. It’s good old-fashioned healthcare, upgraded for today’s mobile world.

Doctors should be online and easily accessible. You should never be on your own and confused about what’s wrong with you, what to do, or who to see. Technology exists. Let’s use it.

Most health issues can be treated online. By asking the right questions, ordering the right tests, and closely communicating online over time, 70% of primary care issues can be diagnosed and treated online.

Communicating with your doctor should be as easy as communicating with your friends, family, and co-workers. Most problems in life don’t require in-person scheduled meetings or phone calls, just as most health problems don’t need inconvenient, expensive exam room visits.

You should get the right care every time. Our doctors use checklists and protocols to guide their expertise so your care is accurate, safe, and high quality.

A consistent doctor helps you best. No matter where you live, work, or where you get your insurance, you shouldn’t have to change doctors. Meaningful relationships can be built online and over time.

Healthcare shouldn’t be expensive. By having an accessible online doctor who understands your situation and can direct your next steps, your in-person care can be efficient and far more cost-effective.

Change comes from you and me. Sherpaa’s doctors are not only experienced and well-trained, they’re visionaries changing healthcare. Sherpaa’s patients are visionaries too, joining our doctors to push healthcare forward to a better place.

About Our Business: We are an independent business owned and operated by our employees. At one point, we were venture funded by O’Reilly Alphatech Ventures, Softbank, First Round Capital, Collaborative Fund, and a few others. But we discovered the venture capital model is a bad fit for a glacially-moving industry like healthcare. While the “grow at all costs as quickly as possible so investors can get a return 10 times the amount of their investment in 7 years” works reasonably well for typical virally-growing consumer apps like Instagram, we believe it is an unsafe and unrealistic model for healthcare companies. In August 2016, Sherpaa became an independent company free from investor control and free to grow sustainably and safely.

As a Sherpaa member, you can rest assured your fees support our employees, our doctors, and a sustainable, safe, innovation owned and operated by an exceptional team of people that make Sherpaa work all day every day.

Thank you for your support.