I’m Dr. Jay Parkinson. I trained as a pediatrician and preventive medicine clinician and as a public health specialist at Johns Hopkins. Ever since 2007, I’ve used my training to pioneer online doctoring. When I entered the field, I knew healthcare was broken and needed to be fixed. That’s why I founded Sherpaa.

At it's core, healthcare is simple problem-solving via strong communication between doctor and patient. So why confine that communication to expensive, infrequent, and inconvenient 10-minute exam room visits? When a patient has a health issue, they and their doctors should be communicating and problem solving throughout the ordeal to bring them back to good health, fast. And that’s what we do at Sherpaa. Sometimes, a problem only takes a few minutes and message exchanges to solve. Other times, complex issues may require long term care coordination in partnership with medical specialists. Sherpaa enables our doctors to work dynamically and more freely than they could in traditional office settings. They become partners in each of our clients' health. We started Sherpaa back in 2012 to bring clients closer to their doctors, making healthcare more effective, convenient, and personal.

Healthcare won’t fix itself. It’s too entrenched in old habits, too slow to progress. But you and our doctors can build something better, together. Join Sherpaa today, and let’s make healthcare work for you.