Healthcare is broken, confusing, and expensive. Though so many great companies and individuals work to make health accessible, real progress needed to be made. The solution: Sherpaa — an accessible, centralized command center for all health needs, overseen by an amazing team, and devised by the perfect duo.

Sherpaa was co-founded by Dr. Jay Parkinson MD, MPH, trained in pediatrics and preventive medicine at St. Vincent’s and Johns Hopkins. He’s given talks for TED and The Clinton Global Initiative. He’s been referred to as “The Doctor of the Future”.

Cheryl Swirnow, Sherpaa’s co-founder, graduated from Cornell’s Hotel School with a concentration in HR. With fifteen years' experience in Human Resources, she has worked for the likes of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Quintessentially, Nike, The Barbarian Group and Rent the Runway.

Our team has gathered a group of amazing doctors to provide the exact care you need. Our Physicians know how to deliver healthcare needs in a better way. They’re driven, well-trained, have great personalities, and work together with our team to make healthcare work for you.

Our job at Sherpaa is to make sense of all your health options for you, both in your neighborhood and online. We’re working together to simplify your health. Wish us luck.

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