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Your healthcare, your budget, under your control.

We’re making healthcare
work for business—
now that’s revolutionary.

Sherpaa is the smart way to keep your business healthy. Our doctors keep you and your employees healthy around the clock, and our HR experts use smart data about your company’s health to make sure you save. We take care of your company’s health so you can focus on what your business does best.

Four reasons why healthcare isn’t working for your business:

Your company’s health insurance premium doubles every 7 and a half years.


of doctor visits, and therefore claims, are unnecessary and drive up premiums.


Your HR department spends 40% of its time and resources on healthcare issues.


Zero transparency. At the end of the day, you don’t know if your employees are using healthcare wisely.

We use our expertise to give…

...your Business:


Healthcare Insights
and Strategies

  • — A healthcare service that drives intelligent and appropriate healthcare use.
  • — Analytics to optimize your company’s healthcare costs.

...your People:



  • — Access to our doctors around the clock. Our physicians solve 70% of problems without a visit to the office.
  • — A network of specialists with no red tape. Quick referrals to New York’s best specialists.

Our clients save thousands each year:


Up to $4000

Per Employee Per Year


Up to 50%

Reduction in Insurance Renewal Rates


Sherpaa has already saved 75+ businesses

on health related costs since September 2012.

Meet the people who are changing how healthcare works:

We are health insurance experts and healthcare data analysts creating unique bespoke solutions for your company.




Expert Guide:

Cheryl Swirnow

Sherpaa Co-founder, 15 years HR experience.

Sherpaa Doctors are highly skilled physicians, specialists, and mental health experts.




Expert Medical:

Dr. Ida Santana

Sherpaa Doctor, Board certified in Internal Medicine and Palliative Care.

How Sherpaa keeps your company healthy:

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Who we’re not

Insurance Brokers

A Professional Employment Organization

A Health insurance carrier

An HR ‘perk’

Make healthcare work for your business.

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