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Sherpaa is the one simple place to get care.

Sherpaa is the most appropriate primary care tool for 70-80% of employees.

Go online first to get care, and then use traditional office visits only when necessary. Here is why this works so well:

  • — We inspire and gain the trust of >50% of employees with a fresh, friendly brand.
  • — We offer 24/7 desktop, mobile, and phone access to our full-time physicians.
  • — We diagnose and treat over 1,500 conditions over time, no office visit required.
  • — We prevent 70% of office, ER, and urgent care visits from happening.
  • — We help employees wisely spend money on high ticket care and procedures.
  • — We prescribe and refill, guiding your employees to the lowest cost medications.
  • — We show real-time data summarizing our effect on your companies health and costs.

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