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Sherpaa is one simple online place to get care.

Go online first to get care, and use traditional office visits only when necessary.

ER and urgent care visits are expensive and often overkill for most health issues. Traditional PCP appointments are weeks away. And prior to getting care, there is no way for employees to know how much care will cost them especially when traditional doctors are incentivized to bill your employees as much as possible. This unfair, opaque billing practice, combined with the increasing prevalence of high deductible plans, has two effects on employees:

#1: They spend way too much out of their own pockets on everyday care.

#2: Every medical bill is a surprise so they avoid care because there's no way for them to know if it will cost them $100 or $5,000.

Sherpaa is the most appropriate primary care tool for 80-90% of employees.

Because most employees only need primary care throughout the year, Sherpaa makes it easy for them. They simply create an Episode of Care by logging in to Sherpaa, describing their situation, and, if helpful, sharing photos. From there, your employee and their own personal doctor communicate and solve their health problems over time. The Episode of Care is completed when the health problem is solved or the employee’s chronic condition is optimized. A typical Episode of Care may last from 3 days for a UTI, 3 weeks for a pneumonia, or 3 months for a breast cancer scare. So instead of treating your pneumonia with an initial office visit plus one or two follow-up visits with maximized billing practices at each visit, that 3 week ongoing interaction between you and your Sherpaa doctor is just one Episode of Care.

Sherpaa doctors are “benefit aware.”

We provide the benefit-aware doctors. You provide the constellation of services that help them practice cost-effective medicine for your employees. The biggest disruption we’ll see in healthcare is when people realize that “online-first” care, instead of “office visit-first” care is the most convenient, least expensive way to get diagnosed and treated. By going online first and working with a benefit-aware doctor, 80% of health issues never need to be in-person. Exhausting full-scope online primary care first before entering the traditional in-person fee-for-service world drastically decreases the raw number of fee-for-service claims in a group.

Choose to cover Sherpaa in full or offer employees a discount

Most companies choose to cover Sherpaa in full to maximize virtual primary care usage and prevent the most unnecessary fee-for-service costs and claims. However, some choose to jump in slowly and purchase discounts for employees. Either way, you’ll do your part helping your employees get, at no cost or a flat rate, almost immediate care for 95% of their everyday primary care issues.
We inspire and gain the trust of 50-65% of employees with a fresh, friendly brand.
We offer 24/7 desktop, mobile, and phone access to our full-time physicians.
We diagnose and treat over 1,500 conditions over time, no office visit required.
We prevent 70% of office, ER, and urgent care visits from happening.
We help employees wisely spend money on high ticket care and procedures.
We prescribe and refill, guiding your employees to the lowest cost medications.
We show real-time data summarizing our effect on your co.’s health and costs.
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