Healthcare’s Big

Costs are ever increasing:

$23,0001 is the average family premium, today. In ten years, it could be as much as $41,000.

In the last 10 years2, premiums have increased 80%. We predict this trend is poised to continue.

Doctors aren’t accessible:

90% of individuals do not have a relationship with a consistent Primary Care Doctor.

There is an average 22 day wait3 for a primary care doctor in NYC. It’s 45 in Boston.*


75% of healthcare spending is for largely preventable diseases.

Health is simply a series of everyday choices and habits. We can all change our behavior, but each person is motivated for unique reasons.

Healthcare isn’t efficient:

70% of visits to the doctor's office are unnecessary.

The American Medical Association reports that most care can be delivered over the internet or the phone. Our data corroborates this.


Healthcare’s Big

We reduce costs for your company.

If you are fully insured alongside Sherpaa, your premiums will hardly increase. Sherpaa clients who have been with us through a renewal, have not seen a premium increase of more than 2%.

If you are self-insured, it’s $1800 per employee per year that you’ll save on unnecessary healthcare costs. Fewer expenses. Less premium increases.

Our doctors are always on call.

Sherpaa doctors are available 24/7 to diagnose and treat via app and phone.

Each of our clients logs an average of 3 medical cases per year.

And people love us: While Sherpaa is used by 90% of employees, many other Telehealth companies only report usage in the single digits.

Sherpaa personalizes wellness

You’re never quite sure what food is best for you. Or how to deal with debilitating stress at work. Is gluten making you feel worse?

Everyone has their own unique lifestyle and health goals that catchall advice can’t improve.

Sherpaa EveryDay Experts will work with you to create realistic solutions that optimize your overall health.

We streamline healthcare.

When our doctors diagnose and treat via app and phone, we don’t bill the insurance company. Therefore, we prevent 2 out of 3 claims.

Each unnecessary visit we prevent saves on average $914 in healthcare costs. That’s just over $1800 per employee per year.
On top of that, we also save employees those 2 co-pays.

Are you ready for smarter healthcare?