Frequently asked questions

For employers

What is Sherpaa?

We are a healthcare consultancy for businesses. We help companies spend their healthcare dollars wisely on and healthcare usage (visits to the doctor, the ER, specialists, etc.). We specialize in two things:

  • 1) We give employees 24/7 email and phone access to our doctors. It’s like having a doctor in the family for everyone in your company.
  • 2) We track your employee healthcare usage and report back with how you can better use your healthcare budget accordingly.

We do not have to do #1, but when we do, cost savings for companies are maximized.

Does sherpaa replace health insurance?

Sherpaa doesn't offer health insurance. But we do give you the insights to use your current plan wisely and help you reduce renewal rates in the future.

How much does Sherpaa cost?

Although we charge $50 a month per employee, we save your company money throughout the year and year after year. We’re in it for the long haul with you as an expert partner to help you spend your healthcare dollars wisely.
See how we do this for:

How does Sherpaa maintain authenticity as a trusted partner with your company?

Who pays for access to Sherpaa?

The employer pays monthly, and employees can use the service as many times as necessary.

As an employer, will Sherpaa save my company money?

Sherpaa services minimizes next year’s health insurance premium increases. When unnecessary healthcare usage is prevented, your company looks less risky. We typically see premium increases up to 12% lower than average.

Where do you provide services?

At the moment, Sherpaa is only available New York City. Would you like Sherpaa in your city? Email us to let us know!

Does sherpaa replace a primary care doctor?

No. Sherpaa is a service that gives personalized information and advice and/or routes you to the professional you need to see in person. Sometimes that professional is your primary care doctor, an urgent care center, an ER, etc.

Will my employees use Sherpaa?

We’ve found that 90% of employees use our services. We think that’s just because we’ve made it so easy to use our services.

Does everyone in my company have to join?

To truly reap the cost savings benefits that Sherpaa can provide, it is important that every employee has access to Sherpaa.

What are your goals with Sherpaa?

We want to make healthcare accessible, appropriate, and more affordable. We want to give your employees a great healthcare experience, and, as a side-effect, save you and your employees time, money, and worry.

For employees

Who pays for access to Sherpaa?

Your employer pays and you can use the service as many times as you need.

Does this replace a primary care doctor?

No. Sherpaa is a service that treats some conditions, gives personalized information and advice, and/or routes you to the professional you need to see in person. Sometimes that professional is your primary care doctor, an urgent care center, a specialist, an ER, etc.

Can you join as an individual and not through your employer?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide Sherpaa to single individuals. If you’d like access to Sherpaa in your place of work, use our simple form to request that your boss look into it. We promise to be as charming as possible!

What can I expect when I use Sherpaa?

When you have a question or a health issue arises, you simply reach out to Sherpaa and within a few minutes, our doctors get back to you. They’ll chat with you, try to solve the problem right then and there. If you need to be seen in person, we’ll create a perfect plan for your needs and make it happen.

General questions

Who are the doctors you work with?

First and foremost, they must be high quality clinicians — well trained, board certified, and experienced. Secondly, they must be special. We know and trust them. They’re also pretty tech savvy and communicate like normal people nowadays. Lastly, our doctors are mission-driven and want to make healthcare better.

With over 60,000 doctors in NYC it can get a bit overwhelming to find the right doctor. So we’ve found around 100 we think are really great — the highest quality doctors with the best personalities.