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Join Sherpaa Specialists.

Sherpaa Specialists are an elite group of dedicated, skillful health professionals who provide Sherpaa’s clients the care they need. As a Sherpaa Specialist Member, when our doctors are deciding who to refer to, your profile is bolded and appears first within Sherpaa’s custom-built EMR. We have limited openings for each specialty to ensure a proper volume of patient referrals to you. Won’t you join us?

The Sherpaa Specialist

Sherpaa utilizes today’s technology to effectively solve our client’s health troubles. When our full-time Sherpaa-employed doctors can’t solve a patient’s problem via app or phone, we refer patients to see our favorite specialists—exceptional, well-trained health professionals with great personalities, like yourself.

How you’ll benefit:

— We’ll continually send you great new patients. Sherpaa’s clients are: insured, well-educated, engaged in their health, creative, and interesting.
— You’ll be part of an elite group of healthcare professionals who believe healthcare should be delivered in a better way.

What you’ll provide:

  1. Coordination with our doctors.
    This never takes long.
  2. Short consultation reports.
    Sent in a timely manner.
  3. A great experience for your patients.

What you won’t do:

  1. Join a ZocDoc-like crowd. Sherpaa Specialist membership is private and limited.
  2. Answer emails from our patients.
  3. Learn new technology.
    You’re already familiar with what we use

Join the tribe of the most forward-thinking, highly skilled doctors you can imagine.

(You know you don’t actually have to cut this out ;)

Sherpaa Market


Submitting this form will enroll you in the Sherpaa Market which will charge $200 to your credit card per month.