How Sherpaa Treats

Annual checkups

The Play–by–Play

    Your annual checkup can be done via Sherpaa, without an in-person visit. Why? Because yearly physical exams are not recommended by any medical authorities in the US, Canada, or Britain. However, having a doctor to talk with you about optimizing your health and being up to date on evidence-based recommended screening tests (like cholesterol, STDs, blood pressure, etc) is vitally important in keeping you well. Sherpaa can get you up to date and get your health on track. Here’s how:

  1. Join Sherpaa for a month or a year.
  2. Launch our mobile app or login via your desktop and tell us about yourself.
  3. Within a few minutes, our doctors will ask you a series of detailed questions about you and your medical history.
  4. We’ll use your responses to determine the tests we’ll order and the conversations we need to have about things you can do to be the healthiest you can be.
  5. Based on your answers, we’ll order the test(s) through Sherpaa’s platform from Quest, LabCorp, or any other independent lab you’d like.
  6. Our order will be waiting for you at the testing center.
  7. Within a few hours or days, you’ll get a notification from Sherpaa that your test results are back.
  8. Our doctors will walk you through what your results mean and diagnose and treat you when appropriate.

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