How Sherpaa Treats

Heat exhaustion

The Play–by–Play

  1. Join Sherpaa for a month or a year.
  2. Launch our mobile app or login via your desktop.
  3. Create a case within Sherpaa’s app and tell us the details of your situation.
  4. Within a few minutes, our doctors message back with a series of specific questions.
  5. Based on your answers, we get a much better understanding of your situation. Our goal is to ensure your body temperature is lowered and you get the hydration you need to pull through this without needing intravenous fluids.
  6. However, we may arrange IV fluids with a local facility to get your hydration under control.
  7. Sherpaa always checks in on you. And you can easily send us updates. We’re here for you from beginning to end.

This can be serious. Let's figure this out ASAP.

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