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Dr Ida Santana- sherpaa

Dr. Ida Santana is triple-boarded in Pediatrics, Palliative Medicine, and Internal Medicine. She is your go-to for your health, no matter what.

How Sherpaa works:

Your employer likes to keep employees happy — that’s why you were given Sherpaa. We’re friendly doctors and skilled specialists. We’re your go-to for all things health. So whenever you have a concern, a question, a scary insurance bill, an ache or a worry, contact us for help via app or phone. That’s what we’re here for.

70% of the time, you get help on the spot.
So contact Sherpaa before you:

The Run Through:
Here are a few ways we can help you.

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Wait Less

Help! For the past two days, I have to pee every five minutes...and it hurts.

1 You Contact Us

You message a Sherpaa Doctor through our app and describe your symptoms.

2 We Talk

Our doctor responds in a few minutes. You answer her detailed questions. It sounds like a UTI.

3 Problem Solved

Our doctor prescribes an antibiotic and a medication that alleviates the burning. We call in a prescription and 10 minutes later you have what you need to get back on track.

Time without Sherpaa

To see an OB/GYN / for you

3 days* *A median 3 day wait for a general practicioner, more time to see a gynecologist

Time with Sherpaa

Online / for you:

30 mins.* *No doctor visit necessary, prescription emailed pronto.
Spend Less

I was in a car accident and was taken to the ER. Now I have a bill that’s over $10k. All they gave me was an ice pack and some Advil. OMG?

1 You Contact Us

You send a message through our app with an image of your bill attached. We contact the ER and your insurance company.

2 We Talk

We already know it’s probably a mistake and let you know. We wait to hear back from the ER and insurance company.

3 Problem Solved

You only owe a hundred dollars.

Without Sherpaa

No vacation to Hawaii


With Sherpaa

A fancy dinner date missed.

Stress Less

I’ve had a stomach pain for a few hours and it keeps getting worse. Help!

1 You Contact Us

You send us a message and we respond with a few questions. We're worried it's appendicitis and get in touch with Dr. Goldstein, a general surgeon and Sherpaa-Trusted Specialist.

2 We Talk

You’re directed to go immediately to Dr. Goldstein for an exam. He thinks it’s appendicitis too, and an emergency CT is set up for you.The CT is positive and an operating room is set up.

3 Problem Solved

Dr. Goldstein performs the laparoscopic appendectomy without complications. You’re sent home three hours later with your stomach intact and some oral antibiotics.

Costs without Sherpaa:

At a big hospital / for you:

$100,000 / $750* *Most insurances charge $750 for an overnight stay in the hospital

Costs with Sherpaa:

With a Sherpaa specialist / for you:

$47,000 / $0* *Same day treatment
Worry Less

I just moved here. I have Crohn’s Disease. I need a good doctor who can see me right away. My flare-ups can be unbearable.

1 You Contact Us

You send us a message and we explain your situation to a gastroenterologist and Sherpaa-Trusted Specialist in your hood. She makes time to see you tomorrow.

2 We Talk

In the meantime, you and a Sherpaa Doctor message back and forth. She clues you in on a new study about Crohn's Disease. You ask questions. We love to answer them.

3 Problem Solved

When you see the gastroenterologist, you learn what medicines work best and how to recognize a flare-up coming on. You have more concerns later and return to your thread in our app. Your health is an ongoing dialogue.

Without Sherpaa

Months of finding the right doctor &nbbsp;

With Sherpaa

We’re here as often as you need us

The Sherpaa Service

Here are just some of the ways we simplify and make healthcare transparent for you:

The Sherpaa Difference

Without Sherpaa

  • 18 sec.
  • The average time before a traditional doctor interrupts you.
  • 7 min.
  • The average time spent with a traditional primary care doctor
  • 24 days
  • The average time it takes to get into a primary care physician in NYC

With Sherpaa

  • 24/7
  • That’s when we’re available to listen, address all your concerns, and creatively solve your health problems.
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